Move beyond Excel

Excel is great, to a point

Excel is the go-to solution for all businesses big or small, and it's great for ad-hoc processes. But as your business grows in size & complexity Excel becomes inefficient. You need a solution that's flexible & familiar, but overcomes common problems, such as:

  • Consolidation of files when many people provide data.

  • People entering incorrect or incomplete data.

  • So many files to manage and archive.

  • Coordination effort to review & approve data.

When you've outgrown Excel

Konstrukt makes your planning more efficient
No Consolidation
With a cloud-based solution there's a single 'source of truth', and no consolidation of figures is required.
Familiar Excel-like interface
Figures are entered and analysed through a powerful excel-like interface with specific features to make common planning tasks easy and less error-prone.

Unlike Excel, validations are run on all data to ensure figures are accurate and complete.
Workflow & approval built-in
No more sending files & review comments back and forth: it's all managed within the system. Management gets greater visibility of the planning progress: which areas are approved, pending approval or still in progress.
Planning Workshops
Often it's also a good time to revisit your planning process. We can help by running workshops where you design how the process should work, and then configure the system to suit your needs.
Leaving excel and taking our budget process to a new level has created efficiency in our organization.
Implementing Konstrukt is Simple
We do the setup. You focus on your business.