Meet our Team
Our innovative and creative employees are passionate about creating the best planning tool on the market
Where to find us
Andra Långgatan 19
413 28 Gothenburg
Sankt Eriksterrassen 72 B
112 34 Stockholm

The potential for something great
Konstrukt was founded for a single reason, we simply didn't think there was a good enough system on the market for business planning. Despite several established planning systems, their many limitations meant Excel was always used in parallel, often resulting in irritation and management chaos. This is especially true when many users are involved in a planning process, which directly thwarts organisations' ambition to increase planning engagement among their employees.

Konstrukt was created to be the intuitive and limitless planning option - a tool to enable powerful planning for all types of needs and activities.
Konstrukt wants to make the journey towards better systems support with you, because the best thing we know is the opportunity to contribute to our users' progress and success. To do this, it is important for us to get to know you, and your challenges, fully. With this insight, we therefore established an inclusive implementation process where we collaborate with your users in a workshop format - a concept that was highly appreciated from the start.

Team Konstrukt is a dedicated company with its heart in the right place and with many years of experience in consulting in both business intelligence, systems development, planning processes and business analysis. Konstrukt's dedicated customer success team, or consultants from our partner network, will implement the planning tool with you. It is very important to us that all the individuals in our network have the same commitment and passion that we have.