Konstrukt offers you intuitive and agile integrated planning

With Konstrukt, you get a powerful, user-friendly and scalable planning tool for use in all industries and professional roles. Thanks to the flexibility of the tool, you can decide which features you want and we'll tailor the solution to your business needs.
  • Budget & forecast
  • Cash flow & liquidity
  • Sales planning
  • Sales & operations
  • Purchase planning
  • Project and resource planning
  • Workforce Planning
  • Logistics planning
The Konstrukt platform offers you a variety of features for all your planning needs
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The best part of our job is being able to help make our customers' lives a bit easier.

We want to make the journey towards simpler and better system support together with you. It's important for us to get to know you and understand your challenges. We'll listen to your needs and develop a tailored solution based on your business, and we'll be there to mentor you throughout the project.

/ Anders Bergek, CEO and founder
Smooth and error-free operational and strategic planning processes
There are often many people involved in a company's operational and strategic planning processes. Two common problems with these processes are obtaining valuable input from colleagues, and avoiding inaccurate data entry. Incorrect input can lead to problems and extra work, and lack of feedback leads to unnecessarily long lead times.
With Konstrukt, you can review and approve data live in the cloud. You can also see the progress and changes of all your colleagues. With more control over workflow, error margins are reduced and efficiency is increased.
You get personal guidance and comprehensive support from our planning experts
Konstrukt's goal has always been to create a platform that reduces our customers' dependence on consultants. Instead of long implementation times.
At Konstrukt, we're here to help your business plan in the best possible way. Over the years, we've helped numerous clients simplify their budgeting, forecasting and planning. Our experienced consultants are always ready with sound advice. You can turn to us if you need more advanced help, such as workshops, or simpler advice on how best to work with the support functions in the planning platform.
Features are quickly and easily adapted to your business needs
We know that every company has unique structures and needs. That's why our tool has been designed to be tailored to your business's most important metrics. Konstrukt's bespoke planning service means cost-effective implementation and use, whatever your planning needs.
Konstrukt gathers all data in one place so you don't have to keep it in scattered excel documents
Manual consolidation of Excel files is no longer necessary! Konstrukt's smart platform automatically collects data from both users and source systems, which is then validated and checked directly in the cloud.
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Konstrukts' SaaS platform
Konstrukt is a powerful platform based on well-known concepts in the BI world. It is flexible to adapt to your needs and fully scalable for the future. Always available in the cloud and easy to get started.
  • Flexibility & scalability
    If your needs increase, it's easy to scale up capacity. Likewise, you can scale down if needed.
  • Better control of your data
    All your information is stored centrally so that you and your colleagues always have access to the same accurate data. Increased visibility means better collaboration.
  • Maintenance-free
    You never have to think about maintaining the tool or spending time and resources on updating. Everything is done automatically so you always have the latest version.
  • Predictable pricing
    Cloud technology reduces high hardware and third-party licensing costs. With a subscription with us, you can pay an ongoing fee and enjoy better cash flow.
  • Personalized support
    All our customers receive personal assistance from our customer success team. Should any problems arise, they are quickly addressed.
  • Secure data management
    Safety and security are important to us. We use a data partner that stores all data in Sweden. Monitoring and backups and done regularly every hour.

Let us help your business maximise its potential and growth
Konstrukt's flexible tools are packed with features that make your working day both easier and more efficient. When you begin your journey with us, our team of experts will customize features to meet all your needs and desires. Best of all, you can quickly and easily add new features and solutions as you need them. Get in touch and I'll tell you more.

/ Johan Larsson, COO
More benefits of using Konstrukt
Low barrier of entry
Seamless integration with other BI and analytics systems
Infinitely scalable and future-proof
The tool is always available in the cloud, no matter where you are
Structure functions entirely according to your needs
A modern, stylish and user-friendly interface
Easy to customize for different access-levels within the organization
Large library of templates and functions
Smooth integration with other source systems
100% safety and security at all planning stages
Automatic data validation
You get dedicated customer service and support from experts
Konstrukt is the organization's central planning hub, providing the framework for various planning needs.

Integrate your HR, ERP, payroll, finance, analytics and data warehouse systems into Konstrukt.
Seamless integration with your BI-system
You can export reports and analyse in your existing Business Intelligence systems
Konstrukt integrated with MS Power BI
Microsoft Power BI combines modern interactive visualizations with built-in market-leading data queries and modeling. With monitoring, analysis and reporting in Power BI, you and Konstrukt will have an integrated budgeting, forecasting and planning process that runs more efficiently and adds value to your business.
Konstrukt integrated with Qlik
With QlikView and Qlik Sense, you can create visualisations, dashboards and apps that provide answers to your company's most important questions. Combine Qlik's powerful analytics tools with Konstrukt's budgeting, forecasting and planning capabilities for a complete solution that supports data-driven work.
Konstrukt integrated with Tableau
With Tableau, you can connect to Konstrukt and work seamlessly with all types of data. Locally, in the cloud or with individual files. Visual analysis eliminates traditional reporting with change requests being sent back and forth. With Tableau and Konstrukt, analyzing data is record-breakingly fast.
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Customer Case
How we helped Espresso House become more efficient
For Espresso House, we integrated Qlik and Konstrukt
Espresso House previously had a time-consuming centralised budget process where they had to manage all markets manually in Excel. With the new automated solution, the entire organisation is involved and all markets can budget seamlessly in their own currencies.
Our development project with Konstrukt is working well and has helped us streamline our budget process. Konstrukt has also been quick to help us when we needed it, which has been gold!
Tobias Brodin, Financial controller, Alingsås Energi