Easier, more effective planning

What is Konstrukt?

Konstrukt is the cloud-based planning tool that helps companies to plan better. Konstrukt removes the friction from planning, making it easier, faster, and more integrated within your business.
Easy to use, but controlled
The beauty of Konstrukt is its ease of use. End users access Konstrukt through the browser in a familiar Excel-like interface, so there's little training required and the system is pleasant to use.

But unlike Excel, all data is constrained and validated, so it's not possible for users to introduce formula or format errors, not provide mandatory data, use the wrong template, and so on. There's no consolidation required as all the data is stored within Konstrukt's cloud.
Connects to your systems
Konstrukt connects with your existing systems to automatically include financial actuals and an up-to-date list of accounts, business divisions, offices, etc. No more manual updating whenever something in your business changes.

Planning data can be viewed & analysed within Konstrukt and streamed automatically to your BI system for further analysis.

Konstrukt fits with your other business systems but removes the headaches from your planning process.
Fits your business, and changes with it
Your business is unique and your planning process should match it. Konstrukt's flexibility means you can structure your plan to suit your business (and our planning workshops help you to define this). Plan according to your business structure and KPIs, not just amounts against a list of accounts.

No business is static though, so it's important for any planning system to adapt to changing business needs. Konstrukt's strength is it's adaptability: to store new data, build different scenarios, change the level at which you plan or change your whole planning process. But unlike large enterprise planning systems it doesn't take weeks of expensive consultants working to adapt your templates and model.
Guides people through the process
Konstrukt includes a lightweight workflow tool so you can track progress as people enter plan data, managers can approve or return data for rework, and you can comment on data throughout the process.

Guidance makes each planning round smoother and easier to manage.
Powerful data analysis
Konstrukt includes data analysis tools built specifically for planning, to ensure your team can see the data you want, how you want.

Konstrukt lets you filter, pivot and group the data with ease. It's simple to create different views of the same data, visualise multi-dimensional data, run arbitrary calculations, and so on. Because what point is having the data at your fingertips if it's not easy to analyse?

Konstrukt also streams data to your BI system for deeper analysis and distribution with other BI reports.
Increased efficiency, greater precision in budgeting, more involvement of the business, and a higher focus on profitability within the business.
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