Sales planning

Increase your gross margin through data-driven sales planning
Increase your gross margin through data-driven sales planning
Konstrukt allows companies to concretise their strategic objectives in a detailed sales planning with a focus on maximising gross margin. By optimising the sales mix of customers and products based on current cost prices, you can ensure that sales people are always focused on what is most profitable at the moment.
Profitability Simulation for Sales Managers
In Konstrukt, every salesperson can quickly and easily simulate how profitability changes in different scenarios and thus see more clearly how they can best achieve their sales goals.
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Discounts and clearance are not the only way to save money
With automatically updated cost prices and stock balances, it becomes clear to sellers which products are the best to sell, minimising the need to sell off stock and give unprofitable discounts.
When the market changes, be quick on your feet
Through a data-driven process, it becomes clear to each salesperson when they need to shift focus because, for example, increased commodity prices or exchange rates affect cost prices. This creates an agile and fast-paced sales force that can be quickly redirected in turbulent times.
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More accurate sales forecasting
A continuous process with clear feedback against outcomes creates an ever-increasing accuracy in sales forecasting, making it easier to take strategic decisions and be forward-looking in corporate governance.
We can help you maximize your gross margin!
The ability to plan your sales process at customer or item level with volumes, prices and gross margin allows you to focus on customers with the greatest potential to maximise revenue. You don't have to spend as much time on customers where the potential is low, but instead use that time to focus on more promising leads.
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/ Marta S. Santa, Head of Sales